video, 0,45 min, without sound

The video work “Knotting” shows eight legs belonging to four female bodies. The camera observes the knotted legs from above, in constant motion, seeking out new positions and more comfortable, pleasurable postures.

The combination of elements – the alienation of legs from body, the overhead camera and the arrangement of the bodies, create a changing pattern, a moving, living ornament, a kaleidoscope, static and simultaneously in motion. The image is evocative of an animated, abstract painting. Shadows transform the legs into dark contoured areas of color that form a pattern with the black panties and white sheet. The action does not seem to come from four individuals, but rather from an organism: an organism that organizes itself through movement.

One can identify the limbs as female, but their physical contact is free of sexual attribution. So, the proximity becomes a purely logistical problem. The question is not: how much closeness is tolerable? But: how can the proximity be best organized? The bodies are shameless, as a nearly paradisiacal state arises – a state before the Fall. A condition that is most unusual in our society. Ultimately, the work creates the utopia of a world in which physicalness is a matter of course, in which people in social interaction balance closeness and distance of their bodies without judgment.

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