“I engage humans as physical and social beings, exploring of how they feel and move in society. From these observations, my artistic projects emerge in various media – film, video, installation, objects and art actions.”

Shows, Screenings & other Art Works

Orgelfabrik Karlsruhe Durlach, as part of Textile Touches of Escape and Migration, 41 garment artworks and performances will be shown.
More information at www.textile-touches.de

Diversity Day, lecture and performances with garment art work, produced in the context of „Textile Touches of Escape and Migration“ on Diversity Day
(23rd May) with students of theatre studies, University of Economics and Environment, Nürtingen-Geislingen
 „support“ at Schopf 2, Freiburg, Reibung/Friction, video, 2023, Schwebeteilchen, video, 2023

Kick-Off-Event for Textile Touches of Escape and Migration at the Goethe-Institut Freiburg

Research trip to Costa Rica for the documentary The Sound We Make, shooting

SOLO, @ Cafe Ruef, Freiburg, Long Time No See, 2020
Neu:Denken, Delphi-Space, Freiburg, Painting (1,60 m × 0,90 m, acrylic on canvas, without title), 2020
Frauen.Gestalten, Karl Rahner Haus, Freiburg, Long Time No See/Schutzkleid, (photography, object, video)

Debut, installation Gathering at Depot K, Freiburg/Germany
Tango on a Visit, Germany, 2017, documentary, 52 min, further screenings in arthouse movie theatres in Germany and The Netherlands
Research trip for Textile Touches of Escape and Migration to Lesvos/Greece and Moria

The Room in the Back, group exhibition/paintings, studio Hugo Cardona, Baden Baden/Germany
Tango on a Visit, Germany, 2017, documentary, 52 min, further screenings in arthouse movie theatres in Germany and The Netherlands

Tango on a Visit, Germany, 2017, documentary, 52 min, screenings on festivals and in arthouse movie theatres in Berlin, Hamburg, Freiburg, Leizpig, Cologne, Frankfurt and more, more information on www.tango-on-a-visit-film.de


“The Camps of Resistance and Fields of Consciousness”, poem and photos of the installation Swings Two, Three, Four in ‘Levure littéraire‘, International Magazine For Cultural Information And Education

Screening of Umarmung, film, at the Arsenal, Berlin
Screening of the 30 minute version of Embrace at the Long Week of Short Films Festival (KanKanMedia), Shanghai

Pleasure Trip
, artistic event in public space, Freiburg/Germany
Screening of the 30 minute version of Tango on a Visit at Kommunales Kino, Freiburg/Germany

Turf and knots_1 (videos) screening at Regionale 14La Filature, Mulhouse/France, group show of regional artists

Text and Photography at the Triennale, Istanbul/Turkey

Trust Me I am Good for You (installation) at Regionale 13, group show of regional artists at City Gallery Stapflehus, Weil am Rhein/Germany

Swing Two
 (installation) at the art KARLSRUHE presented by the magazine “RegioArtline”
Swing Two, Three, Four (installation) Solo Show, Mixed MediaEwerk Freiburg
paintings in the group show wieder sehen at the Pedagocial University, Freiburg
Screening of the videos China TaxiTurf and Knots_1 in the film night Subjective Through the Lense at Ewerk, Freiburg

Drawings and screening of the video Turf in the annual group show of the State Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe
Screening of the video Exercises at Regionale 12, group show of regional artists in the Accélérateur de particules, Straßbourg/France

Back from China, lecture in the Kunstverein, Freiburg about my stay in China
Drawings and screening of the video Turf in the group show Kl_asse at the Kunsthalle, Bremerhaven
Fivemeterswing with Bendings (object/installation) in the group show Art In The Sunbathing Area at the Sculpture Park Faulerbad, Freiburg
Fivemeterswing (rope performance) at Frau Freitag, performance platform of the State Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe

Screening of the video Knots_1 at 20_min_of_attention, video projection in the pedestrian area in Freiburg, organized by RegioArtline
Paintings in a group show at Gallery Art Cooperation, Hamburg
private spaces (installation) at the show zhè er (Mandarin for ‘To Be’), Tianjn Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin/China
Solo show with videos at Gallery AnniArt, 798 Art District, Beijing/China
 (Mandarin for ‘To Go’), solo show of videos, paintings, drawings at plan b, showroom in the Brewery Ganter, Freiburg

2009 / 2010
Screening of the video Stomach Run at Regionale 10, group show of regional artists at Kunstverein, Freiburg


2019 – 2020
Curator at “Kulturwerk T66”, Freiburg

2015 – 2017
Lecturer for Film Studies, Freiburg University

2013 – 2017
Further professional training in directing, film editing and production with e.g. Andres Veiel, Reinhild Dettmer-Finke

2011 – 2013
Weißensee Art Academy, Berlin, Prof. Else Gabriel (twin Gabriel) and Visiting Prof. Sofia Hulten (Diploma Sculpture 2013)

One semester at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts , Tianjin/China

One semester at the State Academy for Design (Hochschule für Gestaltung/HFG) Karlsruhe, Prof. Anna Jermolaewa

2008 – 2011
State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, branch Freiburg, Prof. Leni Hoffmann (Intermediate Diploma 2011)

Prizes / Grants

Grant from the ‘Female Artist Program’ of the Berlin Senate Chancellery

‘Media Art Prize Upper Rhine’

Further Professional Training

2013 – 2017
Montage – The Art of Film Editing with Nina Baermann, Media Academy Freiburg
Story Development And Counseling For International Cinema Documentaries with Arne Birkenstock, AG Dok Academy, Cologne
Producing For TV And Reportage with Joerg Langer, Media Academy Freiburg
The Narrative Power of The Beginnings And Ends of Films with Kyra Scheuer, ifs International Film School Cologne
Documentary Masterclass with Andres Veiel, Script Camp, Berlin
Script Development 1 with Andreas Kirchgaessner, Script Camp, Frankfurt
Story Development for Documentaries with Andres Veiel, Script Camp, Frankfurt
Documentaries for the Cinema with Vadim Jendreyko, Script Camp, Freiburg
Documentary and Reportage with Reinhild Dettmer-Finke and Willy Meyer, Script Camp, Freiburg


  1. Tango on a Visit, 2017, 52 min, documentary



  1. Stomach Run, 2009, 2,41 min, loop, sound,
  2. Dance, 2009, Loop, 18 min, no sound
  3. Hurt, 2009, 38 min, video performance, sound
  4. Lines, 2009, 3,39 min, loop, no sound
  5. China Taxi, 2010, 0,43 min, sound, loop
  6. Goldfish / liyu, 2010, 17 sec, loop, no sound
  7. Turf, 2011,  4:09 min, sound
  8. Swinging, 2011, 9,33 min, sound
  9. Exercises, 2011, 5,43 min, sound
  10. Knotting_1, 2011, 1,23 min, no sound, loop
  11. A Pleasure Trip, 2019, 1,21 min, sound
  12. Long time no see/Schutzkleid, 9,38 min, sound