Mama Was the First


text and video

Mama was the first to give us
can be cultivated
can be cooked / prepared
can be eaten
can be eaten properly
can be devoured
can be chewed
can be swallowed
can be digested
can be vomited
it contains material our body cannot use
can be liked
can be disliked
can be prepared with love
can be prepared without love
can be spicy
can be boring
can be tasty
can taste horrible
can be colorful
can be simple
can be served
can be found
can be fresh
can be rotten
there can be a lack of food
there can be too much food
it can be thrown away
it can be taken out of bins
it can be bought in supermarkets
it can be bought on farmers markets
food nurtures
food gives life
too much of it can make you sick
too little can make you weak
food makes emotions appear
food can smell good or bad
food can be eaten with chop sticks
it can be eaten with cutlery
or with our hands
it can be cooked
it can be raw
it can be served on a plate
it can be eaten directly from the pot
some can be picked
some must be hunted
it can be cheap
it can be costly
it can be eaten voluntarily
some might be forced to eat
it it can even be injected
plates can be eaten up
there can be leftovers
we can lay the table before we eat
we can eat while we walk
it can be taken for granted
it can be honored
some say prayers before they eat
some don’t
we can invite people for food
we can accept invitations
we can reject invitations

mother was the first to give us food

many followed.