Long Time No See


1. Object sewn from donated clothing — for those in need of protection
Length approx. 3.3 cm, height Ø 0.80cm

2. Photograph on dibond aluminum
H 70cm, W 50 cm

3. Video, Full HD, D – 9:38 min

Long Time No See/Schutzkleid indirectly explores the insecurity in those affected by expulsion, flight and migration. Persons who observe the act of escape and look for potential actions.
The dress is sewn exclusively from materials donated for refugees.
The exterior comprises a smooth panel of material, not unlike a tent, while the interior — only visible to the person wearing it — contains multiple pockets, once full but now empty and waiting to be refilled. The volume and weight offer protection, yet also immobilize the wearer: the only free space is at the eyes. In urban spaces, dress and wearer give the impression of a sculpture, hewn in stone and removed from its context. Form and color indicate a potential whose direction has not yet been fixed.

The video shows the creation process for the dress. The artist herself is behind the camera, documenting the sewing work by costume designer Gesine Habermann.

Access to the video “Long Time No See” and more films.